Before the day you will need to sign up to the event and get yourself ready to hit the track.

  • All motorsport events have a document called Supplementary Regulations (or Supp regs for short). This document forms part of the rules for the event, the contact details of event organisers, price of the event and entry form.

  • Some events will also have an online entry system which includes the event supp regs and online payment details. Check with the event organisers if this is applicable.

  • You will also need to organise yourself a racing License; however, this does not require a test. Come and Try days generally provide 1 day Come and Try license. However, if you return for a second time or think this is for you, you will need to purchase a level 2 Speed license from Motorsport Australia (Also doesn't require any testing).

  • You will also need to be a part of a Motorsport Australia affiliated Car Club like HSCCV. Car club memberships should be purchased prior to the event, however, HSCCV can issue on the spot memberships if required.

  • Getting your car ready. Officially your car needs to comply with the Motorsport Australia General requirements for Motorsport. Your car must be in a roadworthy condition and will need to pass scrutineering before being allowed on to the track. Also, prior to an event you should ensure all of the following are in excellent condition

    • Brakes

    • Tyre tread and tyre pressures

    • Suspension and steering components (check for any knocks or loose components)

    • Fluid levels

    • Remove all items that are loose inside the car and the boot area

    Your car will be working much harder than it does on the road.

  • You will also need a fire extinguisher that complies to AS1841 (excluding AS1841.2), is at least 900 grams in capacity (a link is provided below for a complying fire extinguisher) and has a metal mounting bracket. This must be secured with high tensile bolts (you can find these at Bunnings) and be reachable when you are belted into your seat. Some people mount these straight through the floor of the car (be careful not to puncture anything underneath the car) or you can get crafty and create a bracket off existing fixtures like a seat mount.

  • You will need to have a helmet that complies with Schedule D of the CAMS General requirements for Motorsport. In short most people who are just starting purchase a road motorbike helmet that complies with AS1698. You must have the compliance sticker of any helmet affixed to the helmet. No sticker, no racing.

  • Like your helmet, your clothes must comply with Schedule D of the Motorsport Australia General Requirement for Motorsport. This includes non-flammable clothing from wrist to ankle at a minimum. Cotton work pants and long sleeve shirt (tradie type) and cotton jeans generally comply as long as they do not contain synthetic material. Footwear must have leather uppers that cover the foot. Elastic-sided leather work boots will comply.

  • Your knowledge: car insurance companies generally do not cover incidence at track days. You shall acknowledge you are entering the venue at your own risk. Any collisions with a wall or any other part of the facility will result in a bill for repairs that must be paid by you to the track operator. You shall also acknowledge that Motorsport is dangerous and death may be a result. The Holden Sporting Car Club of Victoria and its officials, volunteers and competitors, will not be responsible for damage to your property or injury as a result from this event or information provided. Information on how to get involved should only be used as a guide.

  • Hopefully we have not scared you off yet. Events that result in damage are rare at club level sprint events. We encourage you during coaching to drive to the ability of you or your car (whichever is less). Overtaking is at a minimum as cars are normally grouped by speed and driver experience level. We also give you tips on racing lines and general information that can help you successfully navigate around your drive day.

  • On the day you will need to see the Event secretary to sign on, get your Motorsport Australia license and club membership checked off and receive any specific instructions for the days proceedings. You will need to take your car to the scrutineering area when it is available. Scrutineers will check that you have complied with the rules of the event and place a sticker on your window once you have passed. There will be a compulsory drivers briefing to attend, the time of the briefing will be in the supp regs. Come and try participants will be addressed separately and receive further instruction on track etiquette, procedures, coaching requirements and any additional information for the event. Once completed, wait for your group and hit the track!

  • That's it, it may seem like a lot of writing, but really it is not too difficult.