Nulon Nationals Round 3 & Come and Try

Nulon Nationals Round 3 & Come and Try

July 31st sees Holden Sporting Car Club of Victoria host the 3rd Round of the Nulon Nationals Victorian Sprint Series including a Come and Try class. This is the perfect opportunity for you to come drive your car on a Racetrack for $200.

About Nulon Nationals

We are excited to announce that this year sees Nulon has jump on board to help grassroots motorsport grow in Victoria. Nulon run have run a successful NSW Nulon Nationals series for a number of years now and look to get Victoria into the action. Nulon looks to create a fun environment to get all lovers of cars into motorsport. The goal of this series is not only to allow people get a taste for the track but also to create a rivalry between Victoria and New South Wales, with plans to send some of us Vic's up north to beat the New South Welshmen on their own turf in events like the Bathurst Hillclimb. Not to be outdone you will see some new faces as the folks from up north will also come down to show us just what they are made of.

About Come and Try

Always wanted to unleash your beast. Well here is your chance. It is a common misconception that you need to be made of money or Peter Brock to get in to Motorsport. You Don't!

Have a read of our guide to get into motorsport Here!


  • Nulon Nationals - $200 + $15 Dorian hire (if required) =$215
  • Come and Try - $200
  • Offical - Free

Volunteers / Officials

If you can't get your car on the track for any reason it doesn't mean that you can't get on the track.

Motorsport Volunteering is the next best thing to driving. You get front row seats and you get to analyse the action

For this event we need many volunteers including:

  • Flag Marshals - Trackside
  • Pitlane helpers
  • Experienced Coaches for Come and Try
  • Food preparation and sales

Volunteers on the day will be provided with lunch and drinks for their efforts

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